Sharkskin Chillproof Climate Control Long Pants

Sharkskin Chillproof Climate Control Long Pants


Sharkskin Chillproof Climate Control Long Pants is neutrally buoyant, anti-microbial, odour resistant, itch resistant, and machine washable. These pants are very easy to get in and out, giving you the flexibility to pick and choose your favourite top to go along with.

Not forgetting the quickest part where you can get ready for your next dive even at the last minute!

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Sharkskin Chillproof Climate Control Long Pants

These Sharkskin Chillproof climate control long pants are 100% cold resistant pants that have reflective silver shade for temperature management; and matches the current climate control top range. They are also suitable as a combination with the Climate Control top, under a dry suit or worn as a thermal wear. They have a high back waist for comfort and warmth, providing you equal warmth even when it’s wet.

The Chillproof material used in the Climate Control  Pants is made up of a 3-layer composite material and is 100% windproof, and dries easily. Sharkskin pants are available in men’s and women’s cutting.

Specifications include:

  • Climate control chill proof garment with additional benefit of the heavy duty zipper that helps you controlling heat by adjustment to suit the required conditions.
  • It has a reflective material that helps sunshine to reflect back preventing overheating.
  • Smooth ‘micro fleece’ coating is next to skin and ‘wicks’ moisture and sweat away from to help keep you dry. The second layer is 100% windproof and stops heavy or cold winds.
  • The third layer is made up of nylon/lycra and is UV resistant and has a durable water repellent finish.
  • The garment is odour resistant, itch resistant, anti bacterial and machine washable.
  • These pants come with a 12 month guarantee on manufacturing.


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