Gull SCS Wetsuit Front Zip Jacket

Gull SCS Wetsuit Front Zip Jacket


Gull SCS Wetsuit Front Zip Jacket is know for the special material used. The SCS material is also known as Super Composite Skin. It uses heat reflection technology.

The silver panels around the neck and wrist area uses this material to prevent water from entering the suit. Thus increasing the thermal properties of the dive wear.
The front zip design offers easy donning on and off. it also offers several combinations of dive wear depending on weather conditions. Customers can choose to wear the Gull SCS Wetsuit Front Zip Jacket pair up the Gull SCS long Pants or simply a pair of Board shorts.

The Gull jacket fits asian very well and is a popular product due to its fitting nature. The jacket is purely designed in japan. Thus it is fits many asian body.

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Gull SCS Wetsuit Front Zip Jacket

This exclusive Gull Jacket SCS is a wetsuit top designed to give the warmth and protection you need when exploring the underwater world.

Perfect anatomical cut and a front zip design makes it very easy to wear. Moreover, as the Gull jacket is made from inospan neoprene, it is 5 times more stretchy and durable. Giving you more comfort and mobility while diving.

The inner lining of the jacket is lined with FIR infrared nap. The material helps to retain warmth better, thus ensuring you to stay warm throughout your whole dive.

Made from 3mm neoprene, this wetsuit jacket is suitable for divers of any experience level and dives in more lukewarm conditions.

For more information on the look and design, please refer to the image gallery.


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