Gull 2/3mm FIR Hooded Vest

Gull 2/3mm FIR Hooded Vest


Gull FIR Hoodvest II is a heat retention and mobility for Scuba diving, Skin diving. It is useful for cold weather, it is also excellent in detachability front zipper specification. 

It is an inner worker who can be active throughout the year in various marine sports such as scuba diving and skin diving.

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Gull 2mmx3mm FIR Hoodvest II Technical Features :

Extended Velcro® : Comfort neck system
Keeps you warmer : Infrared lining material FIR
Excellent suit entry and exit : Long zipper

● Far Infrared Material FIR (Inside) 
The inner surface is lined with FIR nap. Recycling heat that would otherwise be lost, from escaping body heat, FIR nap generates far-infrared heat and keeps you warmer.


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