Backscatter +15 MarcoMate Mini Marco Len

Backscatter +15 MarcoMate Mini Marco Len


Backscatter Flip6 +15 MarcoMate Mini Marco Len :

Stunning underwater macro footage

The design team at Backscatter spent more than a year perfecting the ultimate macro lens for GoPro. Watch the video below to see razor sharp macro images and open a new door on your GoPro creativity.

Precision optical glass and aluminum construction

Don't be fooled by imitations. The +15 MacroMate Mini follows a 17 year product design of premium underwater optics and rugged construction. No plastic mounts to break and only the highest grade multi-element optics receive the FLIP and MacroMate brand.

Add the +15 MacroMate Mini to your GoPro FLIP system

The +15 MacroMate Mini threads into the FLIP 55mm adapter,NOW INCLUDED. Go professional with a FLIP colour correction filter and a +15 MacroMate Mini at your fingertips. The world's greatest and most versatile GoPro lens system has just evolved.

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Backscatter +15 MarcoMate Mini Marco Len Benefits :

* Use GoPro VIDEO MODE to bring tiny action to the big screen

* The +15 MACROMATE Mini is the only true macro lens for the GoPro

* No plastic parts to break - rugged aluminIum construction

* Fumble free flip design means you'll never lose your lens



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