Problue 30 Meters Reel Spool

Problue 30 Meters Reel Spool


The Problue 30 Meters Reel Spool is great to pair with a lift bag or safety sausage to signal the boat to your location while on a safety stop or performing decompression stops. The reel is built to last, and is lightweight, impact and corrosion resistant. It is encased in a proof plastic that is easy to use even when wearing heavy gloves or mitts.

It also comes with a land yard to secure the reel to your wrist and keep it safe to hand, and a snap bolt to hook onto your BCD when not in use.

Reel is equipped with 100 ft (30 meters) of strong nylon line. Spool is available in three colours: Yellow, Red and Black. For more information on the look and design, please refer to the image gallery.

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