Umi Umi UU-TG5 Underwater Housing

Umi Umi UU-TG5 Underwater Housing


Umi Umi UU-TG5 Underwater Housing for Olympus TG-5

Simple Matters Most

Based on the design of the UU-TG4 and ergonomics, the feel of Umi Umi UU-TG5 has been greatly enhanced. In response to the factory's demand of improvement, the engineers redesigned the main function keys of the UU-TG5 to so that most major functions can be realised underwater. Palm-fit grip can be firmly grasped under any circumstance with no more worry of losing; engineers also redesigned the shutter rod, zoom lever and exposure value turntable. When gripping in hand, simply adjust the housing with fingers and comfortably shoot pictures underwater.

Light up Your World

Umi Umi UU-TG5 is equipped with a ring diffuser, perfectly smoothing the built-in strobe light into a soft light, gently spreading over the underwater world, vividly displaying the real colour of the underwater world. The objects can be viewed clearly even there is almost no distance in between, beginners can also enjoy the fun of macro photography with redisplay as clearly as the original scene.

Distance in Control

Umi Umi UU-TG5 allows you to zoom out and zoom in freely. Every detail will be kept in the picture whether you want to shoot a group of coral reefs or tiny beautiful marine creature. With optimised lever system of UU-TG4, You can accurately adjust the focal length with just a swipe of your finger, catch the most beautiful moment with handier operation.

Seamless Perfect Match

Especially designed for Olympus TG-5, Umi Umi UU-TG5 aims to offer a comfortable underwater photography experience. Engineers try to make the camera housing lighter and handier with an aim to be close to neutral buoyancy. UU-TG5 has made good use of the inner space with no room wasted, greatly reducing the size and weight of the UU-TG5. The UU-TG5 also features a back cover design that offers an easy access for camera, there will be no more shaking once the housing is closed. Take it easy and fully enjoy yourself in the underwater world.

Protect for Care

Umi Umi UU-TG5 further optimizes the button system of UU-TG4. The buckles may loose if there any unexpected clashes happen during the underwater photographing. Paying attention to the details, we care about every single button and add a special baffle to protect your camera, leaving you with no worries when taking pictures underwater.

Free Your Lens

For the UU-TG5, engineers especially designed an adapter ring compatible with M67 series lens. Users can choose different lens in accordance with different styles and subjects. In addition, to further optimise the underwater photography experience, we especially designed a ring diffuser that redisplays the lighting in the sea for the INON UFL M150 Z M80 macro wide-angle lens, creating a wide background of strong perspective with tiny creatures and adding extraordinary fun to underwater photography!

High Quality Material from Japan

Adapting Japan's high-quality ABS resin, UU‑TG5 can effectively work for long hours in the water, avoiding the erosion of metal in the seawater and thus improving the longevity.

Amazing Colours at Your Choice

In addition to classic colours like pearl white and dull black, limited edition* colours are released – elegant green, norse blue, rose red, mustard yellow, etc. You can match different colours along with your mood, highlighting the style of your own and activating every single cell of your nerve.

*(LE) - Limited Edition

For Limited Edition colours, please send us an email or give us a call at the shop to enquire on the availability.

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Umi Umi UU-TG5 Underwater Housing

Umi Umi UU-TG5 Underwater Housing

  • Compatible Camera: Olympus TG‑5

  • Material: ABS Resin

  • Operating Depth: 60m (197ft)

  • Dimensions (WxHxD): 160mm × 108.5mm × 104mm

  • Approx Weight: 690g

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