Subal Q for Leica Q UW-Housing

Subal Q for Leica Q UW-Housing


Our housing provides access to all the functions of the Leica Q. The ergonomic Subal housing design and arrangement of all the key controls allows easy camera operation without letting go of the grip.

The camera is fitted on a special cradle which enables a precise and faster, more secure mounting. Threaded holes at the base allow the attachment of a tray. Focusing lights can be attached or mounted to the top shoe. The monitor window provides a glare-free and high-contrast view of the camera monitor. Material selection, processing, surface protection and finish conform to the usual high-quality that is common to all Subal products.

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Subal Q for Leica Q UW-Housing Technical Data:

- Seawater-resistant aluminium alloy worked from a solid block.

- Hard-coating and corrosion treatment is applied to the surface of the housing, in addition 3 layers of powder-coating paint is applied to give the housing the Subal colour and unique finish.

- All parts are made of hard-anodised light alloy, acid-resistant stainless steel and high-quality plastics to cope with the marine environment.


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