IST SN204 Dry Snorkel

IST SN204 Dry Snorkel


IST SN204 dry snorkel is an evolution for the dry top system, as this whole new patent pending dry top system has combined the flotation device and the valve mechanism. This makes the snorkel work smoothly when the valve closes at any swimming position and eliminates the possibility of a locked air way.

Comes with a soft, malleable silicone mouthpiece that is hypoallergenic and forms to your bite, reducing any neck and jaw fatigue you might experience during use. The flexible corrugated tube is ideal for switching from snorkelling to diving with a regulator as it falls away from the face when it is not in use.

Ideal for both scuba diving and snorkelling, the IST SN204 snorkel provides everything you need to have fun in the water. Available in 5 different sport styles, you can explore stunning reefs, encounter wildlife and venture deeper into the unknown with a quality snorkel that's the right fit for you.

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IST SN204 Dry Snorkel

IST SN204 dry snorkel features convenient details with scuba divers in mind. Suitable for both Scuba Diving and snorkelling. Start your underwater adventures today with this quality snorkel.

  • High grade silicone centerpiece and mouthpiece
  • Ergonomic design to the mouthpiece for easier bite
  • Swivel and QD snorkel holder
  • Dry-top Technology — External splash guard prevents water from entering the snorkel
  • Flex Tube — Corrugated center hose allows for a comfortable snorkelling experience
  • Easy Purge — Features a generous purge chamber and valve to clear excess water
  • Available in five sporty colours to match your dive gears


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