SAS Neo-R II Regulator

SAS Neo-R II Regulator


SAS Neo-R II Regulator is lightweight and compact, yet realizes a remarkable reduction in respiratory resistance for the Neo-R Ⅱ series. 
Any sea water, sand etc. smooth discharge route, Venturi due to salt bite, sand biting etc. are also greatly resolved from the previous models.

Saslong plating is adopted as a movable related part required to reduce frictional resistance among first stage and second stage metal parts. (Sasulon containing electroless nickel plating)

Characteristics of Saslon

Lubricity - Low wear resistance since Saslon particles are taken in the plating film, it is possible to move smoothly even when there are movable contact parts between metals or even in the case of a lack of lubricant. The friction coefficient has been reduced by about 30% compared with conventional nickel chromium plating.

Abrasion Resistance and Surface Hardness 

Unlike the conventional lubricant coating that treats the surface only, since Saslon particles are evenly dispersed in the plating film, the effect continues semi-permanently. Surface hardness is equal to or higher than nickel chrome plating.

Corrosion resistance of parts

As compared with nickel chrome plating, Saslon can perform plating processing with uniform thickness on all of its objects. It is possible to apply plating film surely to places like screw threads and tubular inside, which tend to be uneven by conventional plating. As a result, the corrosion resistance (rust) of parts was dramatically improved.

Since the surface of the water-repellent part has self-lubricity, the surface tension of moisture also increases and water repellency has improved. This makes it difficult for moisture to remain inside the regulator, and also reduces salt adhesion after drying. As a result, troubles due to salt bite etc. are also decreased.

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SAS Neo-R II Regulator

SAS Neo-R II Regulator is a high performance yet lightweight regulator, ideal for Scuba divers who love to travel. Available in 12 different colours to easily match with your dive gears.

  • Light and compact 1st and 2nd stage
  •  Product total weight: Approximately 1.340 g (Regulator - 970 g, Octopus - 370 g)
  • LP hose length: 70cm
  • Air resistance adjustment mechanism Antibacterial mouthpiece attached
  • Made with corrosion resistant marine brass with chrome plated finish; 

1st Stage: 

  • Over-balanced diaphragm design deliver superior breathing performance even at increased depths; 
  • 2 opposing high pressure outlets and 4 low pressure outlet are provided with 360° rotated interface ports for you to connect your 2nd stage or other equipment; 

2nd Stage: 

  • Special VIR system installed for easy adjustment of the volume of the breath in air by turning the knob ; 
  • Antibacterial mouthpiece to protect your 2nd stage free from germs; 
  • Special ABS polymer used to provide excellent salt water corrosion resistant; 


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