Cressi MC9 Ellipse Titanium Regulator

Cressi MC9 Ellipse Titanium Regulator


Cressi MC9 Ellipse Titanium uses an elliptical housing for the second-stage regulator which is made from hi-tech polymers and titanium. The use of titanium and the polymer create a very lightweight regulator. All the internal components of the Ellipse are a dependable high performance downstream valve design. Once the valve has open the air is channeled by injection to the liquid silicone mouthpiece creating a venturi-effect enhancing the performance. On the top of the housing there is a flow deviator that acts on the Venturi effect, with dive/pre-dive switch. 

The Balanced 1st stage MC9 Hyper-balanced Diaphragm Actuated 1st stage has a lightweight body covered by a protective techno-polymer elastomer shell. Various parts of the 1st stage are made of lightweight titanium further reducing its weight. The regulator is equipped with four low pressure and two high pressure ports. Internally the 1st stage is coated with an anti-friction anti-corrosion material that reduces resistance and allows the critical components to move freely. This makes the components perform and last longer between annual servicing and increases performance. 

Research on internal air passages and incorporating a special assist chamber has lowered the drop of intermediate pressure upon inhalation and has kept this drop at a minimum, guaranteeing higher performance in any situation. Hyper-balancing allows for an increase of the intermediate pressure at maximum depths and when experiencing low pressure in the Scuba cylinder, offering higher performance at maximum depths and during the ascent phase of the dive.

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Cressi MC9 Ellipse Titanium regulator is a light weight and high performance regulator set. 

  • Regulator Weight: 31.8oz (901g) with Hose
  • Lightweight Jacketed 3/8" Threaded Low Pressure (LP) Hose

    1st Stage: Cressi MC9
  • Hyper-Balanced Diaphragm Design
  • Inherently Environmentally Sealed
  • 2-HP Ports 7/16" Thread
  • 4-LP Ports 3/8" Thread
  • Lightweight Chromed Brass Body with Protective Techno-Polymer Elastomer Shell
  • Self-Lubricating Internal Coating
  • Anti-Pressure Drop Pneumatics

    2nd Stage Features: Cressi Ellipse Titanium Balanced
  • Pneumatically Balanced Second Stage Design
  • First Balanced Adjustable 2'nd Stage in Cressi's Ellipse Line
  • Enlarged Diaphragm
  • Venturi Dive/Pre-Dive Switch
  • Environmental Operating Chamber
  • Internal Heat Exchanger
  • Construction: Techno-Polymer Plastic and Titanium
  • EN250/2000 Certification


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