Cressi MC5 Ellipse Regulator

Cressi MC5 Ellipse Regulator


Cressi MC5 Ellipse Regulator set is made up of the excellent 2nd stage Ellipse, with elastomer cover (Black version) combined with the MC5 diaphragm first stage.

The MC5 first stage is a diaphragm first stage of extremely low weight and size with highly technological content.

The sliding cylinder of the piston is sheathed with a special self-lubricating polymer which reduces internal friction to a minimum and totally eliminates any possible oxidisation that could alter the performance of the regulator over time.

The high performance is further increased by a special assistance chamber that triggers a strong Venturi effect between the central diffuser and the intermediate pressure outlets.

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Cressi MC5 Ellipse Regulator set

Cressi MC5 Ellipse Regulator set is an extreme light, performs excellently, easy to maintained and affordable-priced regulator set.

Technical features – MC5 diaphragm 1st stage

  • Working pressure (INT connection): 0-232 bar 
  • Working pressure (DIN connection): 0-300 bar
  • Calibration pressure: 10 bar
  • Calibration adjustment range: +/- 0.5 bar
  • Air supply 300: I/min
  • High pressure seats (HP): 1
  • Low pressure seats (LP): 3 
  • Weight MC5 with INT yoke: 550g
  • Weight MCR with DIN connection 300 bars : 450g

Technical feature of the 2nd stage Ellipse Black with 1st stage MC5

  • Average inhalation effort: 5mbar
  • Average exhalation effort: 11mbar
  • Average breathing labour: 11.5 J/l
  • Quantity of air supplied: 1800 I/M (*)
  • Weight without hose: 160g

(*) Values measured in compliance with standard UNI EN 250.


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