Freediving fin bag - Gull Skin Bag GB7145

Why will you need a Freediving Fin Bag? If you’re like most freedivers, then the idea of travelling with long free diving fins probably makes you a little nervous.

FreeDiving Fin Bag

And you have every right to feel that way:

Freediving fins (plastic, fiberglass and especially carbon fiber) are expensive, quite fragile and often one of a freediver’s most valued possessions.

If they get damaged during your travels, not only will it set you back a few hundred dollars…

But will also mean you won’t be able to use your trusty fins the entire time throughout your own trip, ultimately spoiling your freediving vacation!

Fin Bag

The safest way to travel with freediving fins is to carry them as check-in baggage. And in a high-quality free diving fin bag that is specifically made to carry long, delicate freediving fins during travel.

Do look through a selection of fin bags we have in store to decide which scuba suits you best. We also welcome you to come by to our store with your current pair of fins to ensure it’s fitting!