Several different types of diving suits are available in our Dive Suits category, such as full (0.5mm-7mm) wetsuits, shorty wetsuits, and semi-dry suits. The use of full suits is becoming increasingly common, no matter the water temperature. This is due to sun exposure protection, sea life protection, and general water safety. Besides protecting the diver from contaminants, exposure protection also protects sensitive marine life.

Scuba Shorty

Full and half body wetsuit for cold water

A full or shorty wetsuit is generally used in slightly warmer water (greater than 60 degrees), and a semi-dry suit or a dry suit in colder water (less than 70 degrees). You can use our Dive Suits for anyone needing exposure protection, not just for specialty divers. There are wetsuits for everyone, from children to triathletes on our website.

Full and half body wetsuit for cold water

Women’s Short scuba wetsuit

If you are looking for a women’s scuba shorty wetsuit, the best Scuba Shorty’s come in many styles and colors. They provide warmth without restricting movement, making them ideal to wear while swimming or snorkeling. The selection of brands includes Cresi Wetsuits that offer ultimate protection against cold water with waterproof technology allowing swimmers up to 30 meters deep into the ocean safety dive.

Women's Short scuba wetsuit

Shorty wetsuit women

A shorty wetsuit is an ideal option for divers who want to enjoy the water without being affected by the cold. The best Scuba Shorty women’s Scuba Shorty wetsuit 2021 has been designed with a lot of attention and care so that you can have maximum comfort while diving in colder waters. These are not only comfortable but also durable, flexible, lightweight, etc.