SAS NEO - R II Octopus

SAS NEO - R II Octopus


The SAS Neo R II Octopus is high in Abrasion Resistance and Surface Hardness ,
unlike conventional soft lubrication coating that treats only the surface, since Saslon particles are evenly dispersed in the plating film, the effect continues semi-permanently. Surface hardness is equal to or higher than nickel chrome plating.

Corrosion resistance of parts ascompared with nickel chrome plating, Saslon can perform plating processing with uniform thickness on all of its objects. It is possible to apply plating film surely to places like screw threads and tubular inside, which tend to be uneven with conventional plating. As a result, the corrosion resistance (rust) of parts was dramatically improved.

Since the surface of the water-repellent part has self-lubricity, the surface tension of moisture also increases, and the water repellency has improved. This makes it difficult for moisture to remain inside the regulator, and also reduces salt adhesion after drying. As a result, troubles due to salt bite etc. also decreased.

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This octopus makes for an ideal stage regulator and is also an excellent high-performance, serious about maximising functionality and minimising weight.  The product total weight / about 370g LP hose length / 80cm, air resistance adjustment mechanism Antibacterial mouthpiece attached


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