Atomic Aquatics B2 Octopus

Atomic Aquatics B2 Octopus


Atomic Aquatics B2 Octopus is easily the most comfortable and easy to use safe second ever designed with all-Titanium construction for corrosion protection and light weight. The Atomic Aquatics B2 Octopus delivers all the patented Atomic features of the B2 primary model, including the Comfort Swivel as standard. The Comfort Swivel is the perfect design aspect for a safe second.

Most manufacturers produce just an “economy” and a “performance” octopus model. Yet, even their high-end octopus cannot come close to matching the performance of the Atomic family of safe seconds. Each Atomic octopus is designed and precision-built to perform as perfectly as its primary model counterpart. So when you need it, you know exactly what to expect.

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Atomic Aquatics B2 Octopus

Atomic Aquatics B2 Octopus is designed as one of the best performing and best looking octopus in the market. It's lightweight housing and internal parts make for an ideal travel octopus for all kinds of Scuba Diving activities.

  • Low friction bearing surfaces
  • Balanced Poppet
  • Super alloy valve spring
  • Titanium Valve Body
  • Titanium lever
  • Seat Saving Orifice
  • Automatic Flow Control (AFC)
  • Rapid Adjustment KNob
  • Elliptical Exhaust Valve
  • Comfort swivel
  • Comfort Mouthpiece


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