Cressi Water Shoes

Cressi Water Shoes


Cressi Water Shoes are a perfect footwear solution when your child's open heel or barefoot fins are slightly too large. They can wear these water shoes/boots slipped on to provide a snug fit.

The Cressi Water Shoes are also an ideal footwear for the beach, piers or on boats, protecting your young ones feet when walking on hot sand or pier/boat decking.

The soft, light weight material make the Cressi Water Shoes comfortable and easy to wash, dry and pack away once there use has finished. The sole has a non-slip pattern providing great grip and the uppers are perforated allowing high air-flow and comfortable wear.

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Cressi Water Shoes

  • Enveloping feet made from soft, light material

  • The sole has a non-slip pattern, the uppers are perforated over most of the surface

  • Very handy for pools, on boats, on rocks.

  • Ideal for reef walking and beach fun


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