Dive Gear Rental


You'll want a good working rental gear

To ensure your safety at all times, we inspect and maintain our rental gear every six months. You wouldn't want to bite into a broken mouthpiece nor wear a leaking BCD whilst scuba diving! 

Rental gear for scuba diving, snorkelling, photo shoot are available. Going away for a long trip? Rent from us to ensure that you have the sizing you need and don't forget to add the dive computer for your extra safety. We offer discount for more than 4 diving days. 

Do drop us a note and we will get back to you. 


Rental gear rates

Mask @ SGD 4 per diving day

Snorkel @ SGD 3 per diving day

Corrective lens (1 pair) @ SGD 40 - one time charge

Fins (Full-foot) @ SGD 4 per diving day

Fins (Open Heel) @ SGD 6 per diving day

Weight belt @ SGD 2 per diving day

Wetsuit (Shorty) @ SGD 10 per diving day

Wetsuit (Fullsuit) @ SGD 20 per diving day

BCD @ SGD 12 per diving day

Regulator set @ SGD 15 per diving day

Dive torch (650 Lumens) @ SGD 6 per diving day

Dive computer @ SGD 25 per diving day

Digital Underwater Camera (Olympus TG5) @ SGD 50 per diving day

Gopro with Tray and Video Light @ SGD 50 per diving day

Lead Weights - 1 kg @ SGD 2 per KG

S80 Scuba Tank @ SGD 25 per tank

Air Refill @ SGD 20 per fill

** Delivery is available at a charge of SGD 30 per way.