SAS Gauge Live Navi G-2 Pressure Gauge Compass

SAS Gauge Live Navi G-2 Pressure Gauge Compass


SAS Live Navi G-2 (Pressure gauge / Compass) unit in order to demonstrate the excellent system, is adopted Breton tube type pressure gauge with copper beryllium alloy. It has excellent resistance to metal fatigue, copper beryllium alloy I show a system that has been stable for a long period of time.

In addition, in red numeric display unit in 50bar air remaining amount is low, it will warn you that the air is low in diver.

Compass unit (compass) rotating disc compass that uses a high-performance magnetic body will (still and moving) quick response time to the Earth compared with a magnetic body in general. I can confirm orientation stress-free personality at the time of the actual compass navigation of actual by this. Orientation confirmation from the side is also possible by the display surface is excellent in recognisability, is provided with a viewing window of the side further.

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SAS Gauge Live Navi G-2 Pressure Gauge Compass Features :

- Breton tube pressure gauge with a copper beryllium alloy
- Rotatable bezel compass with high performance magnectic body
- Fast reaction to the magnectic of the earth


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