Cressi Leonardo Console 2 Gauge

Cressi Leonardo Console 2 Gauge


The Cressi Console Leonardo 2  Gauge was created to mount the new Dive Computer Cressi Leonardo in a modern console, which differs in design, size and weight from similar products on the market. 

The different dimensions of the two instruments, the Cressi Leonardo Computer and the mini-meter, have allowed us to obtain a console with a truly innovative and unprecedented design . The instruments are arranged on slightly inclined planes, which further improves the design and allows greater legibility of the same. 

The use of advanced materials, such as polycarbonate and desmopan, made it possible to reduce thicknesses and weights to a minimum the console reveals a surprising lightness, which obviously translates into ease of use and minimal stress to the HP whip of connection to the first stage. The connection hose has a section lower than the standard (11 mm), to the benefit of its flexibility and lower weight.

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Cressi Leonardo Console 2 Gauge Features :

  • Two-instrument console: Dive Computer and Minimanometer
  • Materials: polycarbonate and desmopan
  • Mini-gauge with chrome-plated brass case. Glass with explosion-proof valve function
  • Dial with scale up to 350 BAR or 5000 PSI Colored sectors in red, green, blue
  • Case diameter: 65 mm Instrument height: 25 mm
  • Console weight complete with HP whisk and 2 instruments: 480 g


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