IST F20 Snorkelling Fins

IST F20 Snorkelling Fins


The IST F20 Fins is a very basic pair of snorkeling fins. It features a balanced blade and a comfortable foot pocket. Besides being comfortable, the foot pocket is also functional as it comes with a open toe box design, which allows quick drainage of water when surfaced from a dive.

Available in a broad range of sizes, from XXS – XXL. This pair of snorkeling fins is very durable and can last a long time. Highly suitable for rental purpose.

It is available in three colours, Black, Yellow, and Blue. For more information on the look and design of the product, please refer to the image gallery.

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IST F20 Snorkelling Fins

  • Balanced blade and comfortable foot pocket.
  • Open toe box for quick draining.
  • Broad size range.
  • Very long lasting, an excellent product for rental purpose.


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