IST HDN0130 Hood

IST HDN0130 Hood


IST HDN0130 Hood is created for high performance and maximum comfort and warmth in temperate waters. The design features an extended bib, which guarantees a better seal underneath or over the collar of your wetsuit. However, the engineering techniques don’t just stop here!

To ensure optimum stretch and durability, the hood features a blend of neoprene gauge sections. For the face seal, it is lined with smooth skin to restrict water movement. While the jaw/throat area is designed to flex, thereby accommodating variations in head profiles between divers. And to prevent unwanted pressure or bubbling, the top panel is double layered. This creates a vent, which is effective in allowing air or water to escape the hood easily.

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IST HDN0130 Hood

IST HDN0130 Hood is performance-tailored and designed for maximum comfort, durability and warmth. Featuring an extended bib to guarantee a good seal underneath the wetsuit, slide this hood on to experience the amazing comfort and warmth it provides during your underwater dives!


  • Blind stitch and triple glued hood
  • Smooth skin face seal restricts water movement
  • The bib can be tucked under wetsuit collar to maintain warmth.
  • Double-layered top panel with vent



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