Gull Cocoloa Coco Dive Mask

Gull Cocoloa Coco Dive Mask


Building on the Gull Coco mask success, comes the all new Gull Cocoloa Coco Dive Mask. Similar to the Gull Coco, it is a single lens mask, that offers superior field of vision. Made in Japan and with high quality silicone, it is extremely comfortable to wear. The nose pockets are designed to fit most asian ladies, thus greatly enhancing the equalising ability while diving

Gull Cocoloa Coco Dive Mask comes in limited edition colours, featuring a gradation of colours imaged from the blue sky of Hawaii and ​​emerald green from the sea. Adding in to the limited numbers of the Cocoloa brand, this exclusive model also features flowers and other motifs in a quilt pattern on a transparent frame.

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Gull Cocoloa Coco Dive Mask

Gull Cocoloa Coco dive mask is a big appeal to women who go scuba diving and skin diving. The color gradation of this limited-edition mask evokes the sun and sky of Hawaii, making the limited edition colours a good addition to your ever-growing mask collection.

  • Wider field of view
  • Low volume
  • Soft skirt with curled lip and integrated strap clip
  • Minimizes water pooling
  • Easy to adjust buckles
  • Comes with Cocoloa custom band cover


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