IST MP208 Mask | Atum Dive Mask

IST MP208 Mask | Atum Dive Mask


IST MP208 Atum dive mask features a low interior volume, minimising drag and keeps from weighing you down underwater. The hypoallergenic silicone skirt provides extreme comfort while the snug fit forms to your face with a tight seal.

It comes with a split strap, widening the surface area of applied pressure and ensuring a comfortable fit that doesn't squeeze too much. The strap is also adjustable for easy donning and doffing.

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IST MP208 Atum Dive Mask

IST MP208 Atum dive mask is ideal for spearfishing as it minimizes any reflection and helps you stay unseen and unnoticed underwater. This allows you to get closer to the magnificent underwater wildlife without scaring them away.

  • Frameless twin lens mask made from hypoallergenic liquid silicone
  • Low interior volume design
  • Perfect for free diving
  • Equipped with IST MS25 silicone mask strap


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