IST MP201BSM Mask | Proteus Dive Mask

IST MP201BSM Mask | Proteus Dive Mask


IST MP201 Proteus dive mask has a larger field of vision compared to many of the diving masks in the market. Despite the increase, the internal volume remains small because the lenses are brought closer to the eyes.

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IST MP201BSM Proteus Dive Mask

IST MP201BSM Proteus dive mask is a low volume mask which requires an extremely low amount of air to clear out the water of the mask. It's varied-thickness construction provides a secure yet forgiving fit, offering a wide field of vision while being able to accommodate a wide range of facial profiles. It comes with tinted lenses that gives the user an extra advantage, enabling them to sneak up on a prey without startling it with any eye movements.

  • Low internal Volume
  • Soft, hypoallergenic skirting
  • Pronounced nose pocket
  • Tinted Lens


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