IST MP111 Mask | Scope Dive Mask

IST MP111 Mask | Scope Dive Mask


IST MP111 Scope Dive Mask is a single lens mask, it offers a low profile design. The great field of vision is achieved from the low profile design. Allowing diver to use minimal effort to purge the water from the mask while diving.

The dive mask offers several colours to choose from. we are sure that there will be one to suit your taste. The mask is also designed specifically for ladies in mind. The design of the mask has a smaller nose pocket to fit most asian ladies. Reducing effort for equalisation during the actual dives.

The mask also come with a protective box for storage. Preventing the mask from the direct sunlight and harmful UV rays.

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IST MP111 Scope Dive Mask

• Colors: B, BS-B, BS-GN, BS-HP, BS-O, BS-PR, GN, HP, NY, T, W

• Single-lens mask with hypoallergenic silicone skirt.

• Equipped with IST MS11 silicone mask strap.


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