Gull Mask Band Cover Fit

Gull Mask Band Cover Fit


Introducing the Gull Mask Band Cover Fit, made for scuba divers with long hair. Like all mask pads, it’s hassle-free to put on, and helps prevent entanglement on the hair when removing masks. Moreover, it comes with ponytail slots for the long hair users, another great feature. It helps save lifespans of the strap, and is also highly durable!

And the best part, it’s not only practical and functional, but it’s also aesthetically beautiful for the eyes. Comes in an array of 6 different colours, the Gull mask pads offer a wide variety of choice for all divers.

Now, all long haired divers can truly enjoy a great dive in the waters from beginning to end without worries.

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Gull Mask Band Cover Fit

Gull Mask Band Cover Fit is a useful item that makes life easier as you don on and doff the scuba diving mask. The split in the band cover allows hair to be passed through, and is ideal for divers with long hair, making it a very useful accessory for all divers.

  • 2mm neoprene / stretch jersey
  • Length: 22cm × 9cm
  • Reversible, 6 colours to choose from


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