Gull Mantis 5 Dive Mask

Gull Mantis 5 Dive Mask


The Gull Mantis5 Diving Mask is going beyond borders, transcending diving styles, this is the ultimate standard mask for scuba diving and skin diving. It has wide sight in secured ( Inclination 10 degree), the skirt with curled lip with integrated strap clip.

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Gull Mantis5 Special Feature :

- Up-down arc of view

Low volume
Mantis 5 : 177 cc
Inner volume reduced to 12% less than Mantis Achieving lower volume enabled wider field of view

Mantis 5 : 225g

- With its extended downward arc of vision, the Mantis 5 provides a proper field of view down to chest level, which is where most diving tasks are carried.



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