Gull Coco Dive Mask

Gull Coco Dive Mask


Gull Coco Dive Mask has several colours to offer. With a low volume design, it allows a superb least effort to clear the mask. The Gull Coco Mask is a product of Japan. 100% purely made of Japanese silicone.

The mask is specifically designed for Asian woman. it offers an smaller nose pocket for easier equalisation technique. The non bridge system offers a great field of vision. With a curled lip design, it will reduce impression of the mask on the face after each dive.

The DX buckles allows divers to adjust easily while using thick gloves while diving in cold water conditions. It also allow divers to do minor adjustments easily underwater and on surface.

The mask has a 10 degree inclination, which allow divers to see more of their dive gears when looking downwards.

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Gull Coco Dive Mask

  • Single lens design.
  • Inclination 10 degrees
  • Curled Lip and integrated strap clip
  • All in one fit design, leaves no impressions on your skin.
  • Soft Damper
  • Drain Skirt
  • Low Volume
  • Improved Water expulsion system
  • DX spec buckle system
  • Volume 145cc
  • Weight 216g


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