X-Adventurer RC-01 Remote Controller

X-Adventurer RC-01 Remote Controller


X-Adventurer RC-01 Remote Controller is a small controller for X-ADVENTURER Video Light Systems. Put control of the video lights within thumb’s reach. The remote controller unit can be mounted to the handle systems of your housing or the handles on your tray and arm system.

The RC-01 controller signals are sent to the video lights by fiber optic cable. The video lights are standard with a signal receiver port to connect the fiber optic cable. The RC-01 allowing you to adjust two lights at the same time.

Compatible: M2600-WRUA, M2800-WSRU, M3000-WRUA, M3500-WSRU, M3800-WSRU True-Color, M5000-WSRU, M6000-WRBT, M10000-W

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