Scubapro Novalight 220

Scubapro Novalight 220


With a length of just 3.7in/95mm, the new Scubapro NOVALIGHT 220 is an extremely useful secondary light that can be stored in the smallest BC pocket. It offers three modes: 100 percent power, 25 percent power and Flash, plus is equipped with an over-pressure valve to release battery off-gassing, making it the safest mini-light on the market.

The Scubapro NOVALIGHT 220 is machined from heavy-duty aluminum so while it may be small, it is definitely built to last. It uses simple twist-on/twist off activation backed by double-O-ring seals. Strategically placed knurling (raised-up diamond-shaped indentations in the metal) improves grip and makes the twist activation that much easier. Shock-proof rubber protection on the end of the light head safeguards the electronics and provides an additional no-slip surface.

The Scubapro NOVALIGHT 220 is equipped with a CREE XPG LED that delivers 220 lumens of illumination, and the battery features a shelf light of up to 10 years so you don't have to worry about it if it stays in your BC pocket over the winter.

If you want to light up your dive but also want to keep your hands free, SCUBAPRO offers a special universal rubber strap that lets you strap your Scubapro NOVALIGHT 220 to your mask strap. That way, whichever direction you look will be lit up with bright Nova-light.

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Scubapro Novalight 220

The new Scubapro NOVALIGHT 220 is an extremely useful secondary light that can be stored in the smallest BC pocket with its compact size. 

  • Rugged gun-metal aluminum body offers a stealthy "tech" look.
  • With a length of just 3.7in/95mm it is an incredibly useful secondary light.
  • Equipped with one CREE XPG LED.
  • 2.700lux@1m.
  • 220 lumen illumination.
  • Three modes: 100 percent power, 25 percent power, and Flash.
  • Powered by one CR123 battery (not included).
  • Over-pressure valve releases battery off-gassing -- a safety feature not normally found on dive lights of this size.
  • A depth rating of 394ft/120m ensures worry-free lighting in virtually all diving conditions.


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