Problue KN81 Stainless Steel Knife

Problue KN81 Stainless Steel Knife


The Problue KN81 Stainless Steel Knife is similar to is counterpart, Problue Titanium Knife KN-81T, in many ways. The difference being it is made from stainless steel. Despite the difference in material, it too is very lightweight and compact in size. It also good resistance against rust. Maintenance is still required of the user though to prevent rusting. Like all diving equipments it is important to wash with freshwater after dives. And for dive knives, it’s always good to apply some silicone grease after use.

The Problue KN81 Stainless Steel Knife features a high quality 3 inch 304 stainless steel blade with sharp tip, a serrated edge and bottle opener design. The serrated edge is best for sawing through rope.

The Problue KN81 Stainless Steel Knife’s handle offers a good grip with its large gripping area and thumb guards. Comes with a locking sheath with convenient one-hand release mechanism, and a kit for mounting it onto any BCD hose.

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Problue KN81 Stainless Steel Knife

Problue KN81 Stainless Steel Knife is a small, compact and lightweight scuba diving knife. Mounts easily to either your BCD hoses or at your SPG hose, making it a versatile scuba diving knife to complement your scuba diving needs.

  • High quality 3 inches 304 stainless steel blade with sharp tip design.
  • Smooth cutting, lightweight, durable and strength-saving.
  • Compact quick release sheath features a one-hand release.
  • BC hose mounting kits is included.


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