IST FRA01 Fin Bag

IST FRA01 Fin Bag


IST FRA01 Fin Bag was designed for carrying long blade free diving fins and other diving fins, made from a Durable Nylon Material with Metal grommet Ventilation and Drainage holes.

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IST FRA01 Fin Bag

  • It is a fin bag for free diving fins and diving fins. 
  • Material uses nylon. 
  • On the inside of the bag, PP processing (waterproof processing) is given, and there is a drain hole at the bottom. 
  • Since the frontage can also be opened with a zipper up to about half of the bag, it is easy to put in and out long fins. 

【Product Specification】
■ Material: Nylon
■ Size: Vertical Approximately 90cm × Width 22cm × Width 10cm


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