Gull Trekker Bag

Gull Trekker Bag


Gull trekker bag is a great bag for travelling due to its light weight. When you fly to dive, you want to minimise weight. The empty weight of this capacious bag, which can hold all your gear, has been trimmed to just 4.9 kg. It is a great thing
to have when traveling to and from scuba diving, skin diving, and other
marine sports.

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Gull Trekker Bag

Gull trekker bag with its weight of 4.9kg is an ideal bag for travelling. 

  • Material Polyester : 600D
  • Outer dimensions : W43 × D42 × H72 cm
  • Lower bag W43 × D30 × H72 cm
  • Upper bag W43 × D12 × H72 cm
  • Weight : 4.9 kg (Lower bag 4.1 kg, upper bag 0.8 kg
  • Capacity : 112 L (Lower bag 80 L , upper bag 32 L) 


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