Gull Snorkelling Mesh Bag

Gull Snorkelling Mesh Bag


Gull Snorkelling Mesh Bag is made to meet the requirements of those in the active scene. You can fit in all your light gear inside, including a wetsuit, and even rinse it all in the bag. This makes it much easier to carry all your gears compactly stowed in a bag. This is the kind of marine-sports bag that makes life easier for scuba diving, skin diving, snorkelling and other water-sport activities.

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Gull Snorkelling Mesh Bag

Gull Snorkelling Mesh Bag is a high performance mesh bag, with the ability to hold at least your diving boots, gloves and wetsuit all in one with room to spare for smaller items. Its stylish and portable design allows for ease of carrying, be it over the shoulder or in your hands.

  • Colour: Black
  • Size: W62 × D25 × H25cm
  • Capacity: approximately 38L
  • Neoprene handle is softer on hands and cushions the weight of carrying on the shoulder


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