IST Coated Weights

IST Coated Weights


To achieve a great buoyancy underwater, we, divers usually have to add some weights to counteract the buoyancy of our other dive equipments. The IST Coated Weights are one such option.

Available in 2 different weight: 1kg and 2kg. It is safer to handle and better for the environment as compared to the old traditional weights. Plastic coated to make it last longer. It features a 2 inch webbing slot, which is compatible with most weight belts.

Great for use by pairing it with a weight belt, trim pockets, tank bands, or an integrated weight pocket in any BCDs

Comes in an assortment of two colours, it is available in Black and Blue. For more information on the look and design, please refer to the image gallery.

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IST Coated Weights


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