Dive Rite Transpac XT Bcd

Dive Rite Transpac XT Bcd


From its initial design and release in 1995 to today, the Dive Rite TransPac XT has evolved through technology and relentless testing and diving to become one of Dive Rite’s signature products.
With a streamline design, a mountaineer’s backpack style harness, and unmatched durability, comfort, and support, the Dive Rite TransPac XT performs at the highest level.

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Dive Rite Transpac XT Bcd Technical Features :

  • Shoulder straps and waist strap: Easily adjustable in length to allow for diving any type of exposure suit
  • Crotch strap (removable): Pull adjustment to set the exact length needed to accommodate any type of exposure suit
  • Cross-chest strap: Buckles across the chest with a pull adjustment to fine tune the shoulder straps in the exact position desired
  • Shoulder strap transition plates allow for finite adjustments for the perfect fit
    Pull strap on the quick-release buckles between the shoulder straps and waist strap allow for fine adjustments and a perfect fit
  • Shoulder strap attachment waist plates slide to allow for positioning on the waist strap at the desired location
  • Up to six large D-rings depending on size
  • Four small D-rings on backplate
  • Scooter ring
  • Waist strap cam buckle
  • Two roller buckle cam straps
  • Grommet mounting holes
  • Epaulet for securing wing inflator hose


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