Audaxpro Stark BCD

Audaxpro Stark BCD


Audaxpro Stark BCD is designed for those divers who believe in the philosophy of DIR (Doing it right). Stark may look nominal, but when it comes to use and features its highly functional BCD. The auto adjusting harness of the jacket adapts any body shape with just a simple movement. This makes Stark a prominent diver jacket that allows the user to enjoy the diving experience while maintaining proper posture. Just like Audaxpro Travel BCD Stark has also the TMS (Technical Modular System) which allows the user to change the standard configuration of the jacket as per the need and requirement.

The Audaxpro Stark BCD comes with a highly functional inflator that is placed higher and slightly to the left. You can choose the textile of the jacket depending upon your use from among the regular and standard model made of Cordura, the night immersion reflective textile model, and the fire-resistant and anti-cut textile Kevlar model. Stark BCD comes with the option of different colours, with the exception of the Kevlar model which comes in a single colour.

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Audaxpro Stark BCD

Audaxpro Stark BCD is a completely modular BCD. This BCD is provided with an Audaxpro Technical Modular System (T.M.S.),which allows changing the BCD standard configuration according to your needs. Thanks to the Audaxpro T.M.S. you can shape, configure and integrate your BCD to suit your diving needs.

T.M.S. (Technical Modular System)

  • Adjustable BCD according to the type of immersion
  • Adjustable harness according to your physical shape
  • Compatible components with those of any other Audaxpro jacket
  • Possibility of equipment upgrading with extra accessories

Available Versions

STARK (standard model):

  • Outer bladder made of Cordura
  • Black harness


  • Outer bladder made of reflective textiles like Scotchlite, Cordura and nylon protective net
  • Black harness


  • Outer bladder made of anti-cut and fire-resistant textile Kevlar
  • One available colour: black
  • Black harness


  • Harness in DIR style
  • Adjustable while wearing
  • HT polyester straps
  • Semi rigid seatback made of cordura, 2,5-mm pre-compressed expanded polystyrene and polythene
  • Rapidly adjustable ventral belt
  • Stainless steel ventral belt buckle
  • Adjustable crotch belt
  • 2 elastic bands for fixing accessories
  • Hooking supports for decompression tanks
  • Fixing support for inflator
  • Boat anchoring support
  • 5 stainless steel D-rings
  • 2 stainless steel fexing screws
  • 6 stainless steel grommets
  • Plate padding with anatomical padding
  • 2 big back strips for mono tube (110 cm)

Air Bladder

  • 1 overpressure and rapid discharge valve
  • Outer bladder made of cordura 1000
  • Textane A/B 210 outer bladder
  • Replaceable inner bladder (if necessary) with concealable zip
  • Polyester protection for the inner bladder
  • HT polyester strip with 2 stainless steel grommets


  • Inflator with simple curve connection
  • 16’’spiral corrugated
  • 40-cm long
  • Piston control
  • Nickel-plated brass inner mechanism
  • Non-slip inflation and deflation buttons of derlin
  • Inflator holder (60-mm OR)
  • Weight: 2,4 kg
  • Size: One size, Tailored



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