Aqua Lung Zuma BCD

Aqua Lung Zuma BCD


Aqua Lung Zuma is a travel friendly, lightweight backlift BCD. The ML/LG size weighs less than 2.2kg and can be rolled or folded in to a very small pack size which can easily be stowed in even the most weight restricted suitcases.

A Minimalist Wing Harness Design which gives you full range of motion in the arms even when fully inflated and padding over the shoulders and down the back for comfort. Padded shoulders relieve the weight of the cylinder on your back and the rolled neck stops rubbing during use. The fully flexible backplate is padded all down the spine to protect from the weight of the cylinder.

Fitted With SureLock II integrated weight pockets for convenience and comfort so you don't need to use a weight belt. A drop down utility pocket over the right integrated pocket provides storage for accessories such as a torch, delayed surface marker buoy, etc. and a knife grommet over the left weight pocket keeps your dive knife close to hand.

Weight Is Kept In Check by using plastic d-rings in place of metal and a tough but lightweight material for the harness and rear buoyancy bladder. The Aqua Lung Zuma has a fully flexible backplate to allow for easy packing.

Lowered Cylinder Strap to the small of the back transfers weight to hips rather than on to the back and spine for improved comfort. The top restraining strap by the shoulder blades prevent the cylinder from coming out of line and altering the load transfer.

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Aqua Lung Zuma BCD

The fun, travel-friendly Aqua Lung Zuma BCD will find favor with those divers who are tired of paying excess baggage fees. This ultra-light, weight-integrated, back inflation BC has everything you need, yet lacks weight and bulk.

  • Ultra lightweight; less than 2.2kg
  • Travel-friendly. Easy to pack into a suitcase 
  • Weight integration using the Aqualung SureLock II lock and release system
  • Tank support system removes need for a hard pack
  • Lower tank band aligns with waist band and valve strap pulls top of cylinder in towards center of gravity of diver to transfer weight to the hips rather than shoulders.
  • Adjustable chest strap
  • Flat e valves for reduced bulk
  • Easy access pockets fold down
  • 4 D-rings and attachment grommets for knife
  • Right shoulder pull dump
  • Lower right pull dump
  • Padded, sculpted shoulders
  • Padded spine and lumbar support


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